About Us

Mission Statement

Our Mission

Work aggressively to preserve life and property, promote public safety, and foster economic growth in Cherokee County.

Our Vision

We will be aggressive and competent firefighters, providing the most progressive emergency medical service in the state. We will be excellent in all things in the service to our community.

Our Values

Courage | Commitment | Integrity


Working for Cherokee County Fire & Emergency Services isn’t a job; it’s an opportunity. An opportunity to serve. To protect people in their most critical moments. To create a safer community where businesses want to thrive. 

And to make Cherokee County a national leader in fire and emergency response. 

Achieving this vision takes more than people in a station or on a truck. It takes men and women willing to embrace a life of courage, commitment, and integrity. Filter each decision and each day through these three things. 

This is how you lead the way in Cherokee County. 

The history of the fire service in Cherokee County dates back to December 8th, 1973, when an all-volunteer group set up the first fire station in the Oak Grove community. In 1976, the Oak Grove station would become the first paid station in the County.  The original fire station building was in operation until July 24, 2018, when the new building was officially opened. This new station provided up-to-date technology and features that greatly enhanced the quality of work and life for firefighters. 

On May 13th, 1997, the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners voted to allow a referendum of the public for the creation of a single fire district that would encompass all of Cherokee County, with the exception of any region already incorporated into a separate fire district. The citizens formally approved the fire district creation and Cherokee County Fire Department was born.  After many years of growth and development, the fire service in Cherokee County transformed from an all-volunteer agency to a mix of volunteer and paid personnel, to the dynamic all risk life safety response provider it is today. 

In the pursuit of continuous improvement, CCFES has set out to become an international accredited agency through a rigorous process set forth by the Center for Public Service Excellence (CPSE) and the Commission on Fire Accreditation International.  It is through this self-examination that this department has identified critical strengths that will continue to be built upon, as well as weaknesses that are being monitored, evaluated and addressed. 

Over the years, Cherokee County Fire & Emergency Services has strived to stay up to date with new technology and techniques while keeping a watchful eye on the needs and expectations of the citizens of Cherokee County.  In alignment with national standards, the department has adapted to new challenges in the community by strategically adding new stations and programs, rigorously training its firefighters, and continuing to improve upon quality of service delivery. 

Department Leadership


Fire Chief

Eddie Robinson


Deputy Chief of Support Services

Shane West


Deputy Chief of Operations

Kevin Lanier


Division Chief of Training

Daniel Carder


Deputy Chief of Personnel Services

Mark Orr


Deputy Chief of Community Risk Reduction

Dean Floyd