Current Openings

Current Employment Opportunities:

  • Clinical Coordinator


  • E-mail your contact information to [email protected] to be notified of any future openings.


Differential Pay for All Field Operations Employees (Fire and PMO)

Additional $100 per ambulance shift worked.

Holiday shifts worked pay at a rate of 1.5x hourly rate.

11 Holidays recognized at this rate.

Associate degree - Additional $1000 added to annual salary.

Bachelor's Degree - Additional $2000 added to annual salary.

Master's Degree - Additional $3000 added to annual salary.


Application Instructions:

New Users

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  • Where appropriate, you will be asked to upload requested documentation.
  • Applicants can either complete the entire application at once or save an unfinished application and return later to complete.  It is important to know, however, that only applications that are completed and submitted before the closing date will be applied to a vacant position.

Returning Users

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  • Enter your first name, last name, zip, PIN and validation number where designated.
  • This enables you to:
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    • Review the status of positions you have applied to.

Helpful Tips

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  • Applications will not be accepted for positions no longer visible on the Employment Opportunities page.

Contact our recruiter today for information about employment opportunities or to be notified when we are accepting applications: [email protected]

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