Hiring Process

The hiring process described below is for Firefighter (Entry-Level). This process will vary for Lateral Firefighters and Paramedic-Only applicants.

Once an application process closes, you will be contacted by our Human Resources Manager with details about the next steps. In general, the hiring process will be conducted in the following order:

  • Physical Performance Standards Test (PPST) 
    • PPST Guide: CCFES Physical Performance Standards Test Guide
    • Example video can be watched below. This video serves to provide a general overview of the Cherokee County PPST. This video is for demonstration purposes only. Not all video sections reflect all requirements of the testing process and some demonstrations in this video have been shortened for the sake of time.
  • Written Exam 
  • Interviews 
    • Applicants who successfully complete the PPST and written exam with a high enough score will be scheduled for an interview.
  • Position Notification 
    • After the interview, all candidates will be ranked, and conditional job offers will be offered to those that ranked high enough to fill our current number of openings after they have passed a background check and employment verification.
  • New Hire General Information (If offered a position)  
    • Candidates that are offered a conditional job offer will be scheduled for pre-hire appointments such as psychological exams, physical exams, fingerprinting, drug screening, uniform sizing, etc. 
    • If a candidate successfully completes these exams and background checks, they will be ready to begin fire recruit school.